News Release: 10/2/2017

October 02, 2017

Nelson Hall Theater, on the campus of Elim Park, will be celebrating a 10-year anniversary in the 2017-2018 season. The venue has been expanding ever since 2008, offering more shows each year and drawing new visitors to the community.

Coming in May of 2018, Nelson Hall will welcome back one of the very first acts they presented in the professional series, "Triple Espresso-a highly caffeinated comedy," to the delight of many patrons who have repeatedly requested its return.

"Bringing 'Triple Espresso' back is significant because it was the catalyst for the entire theater project. Our CEO, Ron Dischinger, had a vision to bring one of his favorite productions to our stage. That show was 'Triple Espresso' and it launched this whole program back in 2010," recalls Theater Manager Rachele Patrignelli. "We're excited to present it again for new audiences."

Other productions in the upcoming season include tribute concerts to Jackson Browne, Buddy Holly, and Glen Campbell, as well as classic country, comedy, musicals, and more. Be sure to follow Nelson Hall Theater on facebook -- or visit their website -- for more information on upcoming shows!

Rachele Patrignelli, Theater Manager
(203) 272-3547 x309

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